The Whole World in the Palm of Her Hand

God shows Lady Julian the whole cosmos in the palm of her hand, to indicate how tenderly He loves all that He has made yet loves each one of us more than the rest of all Creation put together.

Christ Visits the Sickroom

In the second and third chapters of the shorter form of Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love, God shows us that he is with us in our suffering.

Spiritual Encouragement for Troubled Times

For my Lenten devotional reading, Comfortable Words for Christ’s Lovers, the shorter version of Lady Julian of Norwich’s fourteenth-century account of sixteen visions that are sure to encourage those who love Christ today.

Into the Desert, and Out the Other Side

In the Christian life, desert experiences are “a feature, not a bug.” We should bear that in mind as we endure the “long Lent” of coronavirus quarantines.

A Tutor Along the Way: David Torkington

An excellent spiritual teacher of our own day is Englishman David Torkington, a spiritual theologian who has taught at the Angelicum in Rome. His works are highly readable and highly recommended!